An innovative program based on Jewish teachings to overcome stress, anxiety, and depression

Overcome anxiety by increasing your faith in God

Increase your Trust in God

In 2010, we created a self-directed, spiritually-integrated, electronic treatment program entitled “Increase Your Trust in God” to help Jewish individuals suffering from elevated levels of stress and worry. In a randomized controlled trial with an international sample of 125 Jewish individuals from around the world, individuals who engaged in our treatment program benefited from large reductions in anxiety over just a two-week period.

Our Stance for the Better World

Over the past decade, we have received countless requests for the “Increase Your Trust in God” program from around the world. We are therefore making the program available to the public for personal use (not professional use). To help defray costs of the program’s development as well as shipping, we ask for a contribution of $18 to support our research on spirituality and mental health. Please click below to see the terms of use.


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